What People are Saying About "Up Close and Uncomfortable"

After I read Greg’s 2nd attempt at trying to beat Shakespeare at his own game, I realized that his personal observations about the REAL world of Rock n’ Roll are just bloody brilliant! I urge anyone out there who wants to have a ‘belly laugh’ at the absurdities of life on and off the road with one of Canada’s TRUE originals. Read this damn book and be prepared for extra underwear and a box of Kleenex!

Much love and appreciation,
Eddie Kramer
Record Producer/Engineer/Author

It’s one thing to have experienced a colourful and creative life, but it’s another to have the skill to write down these varied stories with wit, insight, and hilarity. I have read many books by comedic authors, but none surpasses the quality and quantity of laugh-out-loud moments of “Up Close And Uncomfortable” by legendary Canadian rocker Greg Godovitz.

Richard X Heyman
New York

I have read this book and it has everything, humour, facts, pathos, and a graphic
depiction of the music scene as it was. Could not put it down.

John Stoddart

Look, if you’ve been in the business as long as Greg has, and you don’t have any
stories to tell, you just blew it. But Greg has stories – funny, sad, hilarious, thought-provoking, and sometimes ridiculously stupid stories. I’ve not counted how many he’s put in this book, but I’m pretty sure he has plenty left over for another volume of improbable, silly, unlikely self-deprecating yarns as good as the ones in this book. A perfect gift for the musicians in your life!

Richard Flohil